When dancing in extreme slow motion, can you see the traces of time accumulating on the body?   

Slow Dance: Something Borrowed is the first theatre work in the "Slow Dance" series created by Joseph Lee, artistic director and choreographer of Unlock Dancing Plaza. The "Slow Dance" series originated from his exploration of the reception and presentation of different dance genres. He aims to subvert the speed and temporality of some original dance forms, extending and transcending the rhythmic and coherent dynamics of traditional performances.   

Slow Dance: Something Borrowed features outstanding performers from various dance genres -Ong Yong Lock, Cedric Chan, Tin Lai Ki, Gigi Yang and Étienne Ferrère to perform live. The audience can choose to move freely within the space as the five dancers will take turns to re-create a dance that is closely connected to them personally. Juxtaposing their own words, memories and imagination and simultaneously interweaving them with visual projections, the performance presents subtle, intertwined dialogue between the performers’ personal stories and their dance experience. 

"Something Borrowed" in the title not only metaphorically refers to the tradition of marriage contracts and relationship unions in Western culture but also refers to the origin of dance that is popular locally. This piece examines how body language and borrowed postures can be integrated into local performance culture and incorporated and presented through the language of contemporary theatre. At the same time, it points to some dance genres that rarely appear in the contemporary dance context. The trained body is borrowed in this work, and the ambiguity and homogeneity displayed in the slow movement are also a query into the definition of contemporary dance.



2024-7-25 [Thu] ( 8:00PM )  # With post-performance meet-the-artist session 

2024-7-26 [Fri] ( 8:00PM ) 

2024-7-27 [Sat] ( 8:00PM )   

2024-7-28 [Sun] ( 3:00PM ) 


Performance Venue:

Studio Theatre, Hong Kong Cultural Centre 


Ticket Price:

Price A: $320^ (Audience can move around the performing area)

Price B: $200 (Restricted view)

Concessionary ticket: $160*

* Price A concessionary ticket: $160, available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities, full-time students, and comprehensive social security assistance ( CSSA ) recipients. Limited quota on a first-come-first-served basis.

^ 10% off for each purchase of 4 or above standard Price A ticket


•   Free Seating: The presenter reserves the right to assign seats to the audience.

•   Recommended for ages 6 and above.

•   No latecomers will be admitted.

•   Programmes are subject to change without prior notice. The presenter reserves the right to make the final decision regarding the arrangements.

Concept, Choreographer and Artistic Director: Joseph Lee

Dramaturg: Arco Renz  (Belgium)

Performers: Ong Yong Lock, Cedric Chan, Jennifer Tin, Gigi Yang, Étienne Ferrère

Scenographer: Samuel Chan

Composer and Sound Designer: Lawrence Lau

Costume Designer: Trista Ma

Multimedia Designer: Kitty Yeung

Production Manager: Lam Hing Lun

Deputy Production Manager: Bee Li

Rehearsal Assistant: Paula Wong*

Key Visual and Graphic Designer: Peter Bird

Producer: Hin Hon

Programme Coordinator: Hayley Li^

Production Coordinator: Stephanie Ng#

Marketing and Publicity: Frieda Ng


Presented and Produced by: Unlock Dancing Plaza

Sponsored by: Leisure and Cultural Services Department


* The 'Artistic Internship Scheme' is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

# The 'Arts Administration Internship Scheme' and The 'Arts Production Internship Scheme' are supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

^ The 'Arts Talents Internship Matching Programme' is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council