Since 2002 until now, more than 100 schools have joined our educational program, benefiting more than 6,500 students.s

#danceless Public Participatory Project

#danceless is one of the significant researches of Unlock Dancing Plaza in recent years, it aims at setting aside all kinds of dance techniques, returning to the body itself, rediscovering the joy of moving body, enhancing participants’ self-understanding through the creative and expressive body.

The #danceless Public Participatory Project brings this idea into the community. It breaks the restriction of the public to dance and enables people to enjoy the purest joy of dance. The project focuses on the Bodynamics (for children aged 6-12), Body in Time (for seniors aged 50 and above) and a series of creation and performance. Integrating the teaching process and artistic creation, these artistic workshops open up the possibilities of mutual communication between artists and participants.

Objective & Vision

  • Bring dance art to the community and let the public experience the joy of dance;
  • Provide an art space for dance artists and participants stimulating each other;
  • Through various long-term collaborations, build up an intimate and sincere relationships between dance artists and participants;
  • Establish a network of partners, participants and collaborators through various public showcases and activities.