The (imagined) Body

With authoritative discourse prevailing and a lack of imagination, is it possible to innovate established frameworks?

Chan Wai Lok, Joseph Lee - Click & this work has three possible titles: Chan Wai Lok, Joseph Lee - Click & this work has three possible titles:

A double bill to provoke your definition of: What is / What can be dance?

Two completely diverse ways of questioning conventions and seeking the multitude of dance.

"Click" is a dance that takes place in a room with a computer, constantly alternating in the blink of an eye. In that split second, the imagination of movement, body, choreography, and performativity expands. What if the performer's breath and touch are no longer part of the mundane? What else is possible for a body in performance?

"This work has three possible titles:" starts with a popular romantic dance, then proceeds with bundles of text, sound, and movement alternations. It gently deconstructs the underlying concepts of "choreography" by stripping away presuppositions, giving back the right to define the work to the audience. What else can you see?

Programme Details

20-21/10 (Fri - Sat) 8pm
Black Box Theatre, Kwai Tsing Theatre

The performance runs approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Concept, Creation & Performance: Chan Wai Lok
Media Designer: Cheng Nga Yan
Stage Manager: Be LI

"this work has three possible titles:"

Concept & Choreographer: Joseph Lee
Performers: Andy Lee, Paula Wong*
Media Designer: Cheng Nga Yan
Lighting Designer: Chiu Ching Yi
Stage Manager: Be LI

* “Artistic Internship Scheme” is supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council

Letters of response "Unfold the Thinking"

This year’s Unfold the Thinking Performance Writing Project aims to respond to the theme “Think with the ( ) Body” by considering writing as a vehicle for thought and transforming reading into physical action. This year, contemporary dance artist Dick Wong is invited to co-author with six writers from different backgrounds, experimenting with the possibilities of writing performances beyond criticism in response to the creators/works of #DANCELESS complex 2023.

The direction of this year’s writing project is based on “guided readings”. The writers’ work on approaching the performance pieces will be collected in separate envelopes. Although the contents are text-based, they can also use images, symbols and typography to create “Guided Reading Letters”, which will be placed at the front desk for the audience to read before the start of their respective shows. The envelopes contain guidelines on the best time to read them (e.g. before/ after the show/ other). From opening the envelopes to reading the letters, the viewing experiences interwoven in the text will be unveiled layer by layer. The audience will gain another perspective on the work through these outside (or inside) readings.

At the end of the project, there will be a sharing session where the audience, writers, and curators will be invited to have a dialogue and discuss the relationship between performance, viewing and writing.

“Guided Reading Letters” will be uploaded one week after the performance date.

“Guided Reading Letters” - Lui Wai Lok

(Chinese version only)