The (conditioned) Body

How can we liberate ourselves from the invisible norms and institutionalized ideas imposed by the mainstream?

Yang Zhen - Minorities

The most forthcoming Chinese choreographer

Yang Zhen

Expanding cultural symbols, reconstruct the norms of “Identity”.

As society seeks progress and cultural integration, how can one preserve the nuances of its diverse heritage without being altered by the dominant narrative? Yang Zhen challenges cultural hegemony by inviting five female Chinese dancers, each carrying a unique ethnic background, to reveal the complexities of "Identity" and "Identification". Through the manipulation of popular cultural symbols from China's 1980s and 1990s, Yang exposes the "minorities within a minority" and subverts the Eurocentric gaze. Amidst the celebration of the motherland, can marginalized personalities be re-registered? This lingering question is at the heart of Yang's work.

Programme Details

5/8 (Sat) 8pm
6/8 (Sun) 3pm
The Box, Freespace, West Kowloon Cultural District

The performance runs approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes with no intermission.

*This programme contains nudity scenes

Concept & Choreography: Yang Zhen

Sound Designer: Qi Ray, Yang Zhen

Dancer: Lou Hio Mei, Fu Binjing, Li Yichunzi, Gan Luyangzi, Ao Donggaowa

Singer: Huang Ping

Animation & Video Design: Zhang Yongji

Lighting Designer (Hong Kong): Tang Ho Yi

Stage Manager: Kami Ng

Assistant Stage Manager: Luk Pak Yin

Yang Zhen Devising Method Workshop and Sharing

"Posturing Sentiments: Reconstructing the Body in a Complex Atmosphere"

Yang Zhen's creative process transforms the performer's body into a source of inspiration that corresponds to the present moment. In the workshop, through music participants will delve into the physical and sensory texture of the body. They will as well explore layers of emotions and connect dance to personal experience, restructuring performance language and imaginative space.

In the research sharing, Yang Zhen together with professional dancers will share their accumulated experiences with the public, demonstrating how they have reclaimed their own body with sentiments within an improvisational framework.

Research Sharing

28/7 (Fri) 8pm
Unlock Dancing Plaza
Free Admission

Public Workshop

29/7 (Sat) 2-4pm
Unlock Dancing Plaza
Free Admission

Letters of response "Unfold the Thinking"

This year’s Unfold the Thinking Performance Writing Project aims to respond to the theme “Think with the ( ) Body” by considering writing as a vehicle for thought and transforming reading into physical action. This year, contemporary dance artist Dick Wong is invited to co-author with six writers from different backgrounds, experimenting with the possibilities of writing performances beyond criticism in response to the creators/works of #DANCELESS complex 2023.

The direction of this year’s writing project is based on “guided readings”. The writers’ work on approaching the performance pieces will be collected in separate envelopes. Although the contents are text-based, they can also use images, symbols and typography to create “Guided Reading Letters”, which will be placed at the front desk for the audience to read before the start of their respective shows. The envelopes contain guidelines on the best time to read them (e.g. before/ after the show/ other). From opening the envelopes to reading the letters, the viewing experiences interwoven in the text will be unveiled layer by layer. The audience will gain another perspective on the work through these outside (or inside) readings.

At the end of the project, there will be a sharing session where the audience, writers, and curators will be invited to have a dialogue and discuss the relationship between performance, viewing and writing.

“Guided Reading Letters” will be uploaded one week after the performance date.

“Guided Reading Letters” - Cally Yu

(Chinese version only)

“Guided Reading Letters” - Hau Yik laam

The Game Spirit in Yang Zhen's “Minority”

“Guided Reading Letters” - Hou Lam Tsui