The (mobile) Body

Under the change of border politics in the times of globalization, how can forced migrants cope with their situation? 

Albert Garcia - The Survival Guide: Between a dog, a wolf and a tardigrade

A diasporic Macau-born Filipino contemporary performance-maker

Albert Garcia

From micro to macro, from bound to unbound, to mutate to overcome, thrive to survive!

How to encounter the limitations of a world that is intent on endless growth?  As a Filipino immigrant born and bred in Macau, Albert Garcia was severely impacted by the effects of colonization, capitalism, migration and ecological distress of which the consequences still linger today.  After all these years, he has built a hybrid Body with resilient and flexibility to breakthrough difficulties of identity and border politics. What idea of the future is left on an alienated person and the rest of the world?

Programme Details

30/9 - 1/10 (Sat - Sun) 8pm
1/10 (Sun) 3pm
The Jockey Club Studio Theatre, Fringe Club 

*Mainly conducted in English.

The performance runs approximately 1 hour with no intermission.

Text, director and performer: Albert Garcia

Dramaturge: Michael Li

Video (Image) Design: Yeh Che

Scenographer: Samuel Chan

Composer & Sound Designer: Larry Shuen

Rehearsal Assistant: Winnie Lam

Illustration Drawing: Sean Leong

Stage Manager: Be LI

Commission and presented by: Unlock Dancing Plaza

Letters of response "Unfold the Thinking"

This year’s Unfold the Thinking Performance Writing Project aims to respond to the theme “Think with the ( ) Body” by considering writing as a vehicle for thought and transforming reading into physical action. This year, contemporary dance artist Dick Wong is invited to co-author with six writers from different backgrounds, experimenting with the possibilities of writing performances beyond criticism in response to the creators/works of #DANCELESS complex 2023.

The direction of this year’s writing project is based on “guided readings”. The writers’ work on approaching the performance pieces will be collected in separate envelopes. Although the contents are text-based, they can also use images, symbols and typography to create “Guided Reading Letters”, which will be placed at the front desk for the audience to read before the start of their respective shows. The envelopes contain guidelines on the best time to read them (e.g. before/ after the show/ other). From opening the envelopes to reading the letters, the viewing experiences interwoven in the text will be unveiled layer by layer. The audience will gain another perspective on the work through these outside (or inside) readings.

At the end of the project, there will be a sharing session where the audience, writers, and curators will be invited to have a dialogue and discuss the relationship between performance, viewing and writing.

“Guided Reading Letters” - Hau Yik Laam

“Guided Reading Letters” - Lui Wai Lok

(Chinese version only)