Lee Wai Shing

Hong Kong independent filmmaker. Focus on making documentary and experimental film. His latest documentary film Family Family Day has won the Gold Award (Open Category) in the 24th ifva Awards in Hong Kong.

In Memory of A Dance : Prologue

Fragmented memories recalled of her first solo dance 22 years ago rekindle the spirits to revisit and contemplate her beginning journey as a dancer.The non-existent archive of the dance instigated a quest to piecing together these fragmented memories for further imagination into a new construction, In Memory of A Dance. It aims to be a meditation on “extinction”, explored through dance, retracing intangible archive of a lost work as well as a re-imagination of a partially remembered moment.

Production Team

Performer: Elysa Wendi
Director: Lee Wai Shing, Elysa Wendi
Cinematographer: Lee Wai Shing, Elysa Wendi
Editor: Lee Wai Shing
Thanks: Bobbi Chen, Sudhee Liao, Gigi Yang, Jennifer Mok, KaChun Hui, Wong Pik Kei, Karen Swinton Young
Venue Support: CCDC Dance Center, Tin Project
Presented by: Unlock Dancing Plaza





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