Joseph Lee

Joseph Lee began his dance training at seventeen. Graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and The Place, London Contemporary Dance School in the United Kingdom. Lee is the recipient of the Arts Development Award for Young Artists in 2017.

Lee is currently the Associate Artistic Director of Unlock Dancing Plaza, curating a series of contemporary dance programs and platforms to foster artistic discourse in the performing arts field locally and internationally. Through the reading, transfer, and re-enactment of bodily experience, Lee questions the performative nature of everyday life in contemporary society. His work is focused on expanding the audience's imaginary horizons of choreography by creating and performing with the body and other alternatives. He is also keen on transdisciplinary collaboration as a way to enrich and reflect on his own practices. 

Recent choreography includes Folding Echoes (2016), The World Was Once Flat (2018) and Drifting (2019).

Two Solos, One Dance, Three Frames


From the impression of Latin dance, Two Solos, Once Dance, Three Frames tries to deconstruct and translate this particular dance genre into video form. Two prestigious local Latin dancers Sam Ng and Michelle Lam are invited to re-interpret two works from their long-term partnership which mark their professional achievement or personal breakthrough, and by translating them into the language of moving images, new ways of seeing Latin dance would be possible. It is also made with the intention to celebrate the diversity of different dance genres and ways to collaborate with mutual respect and integrity of the original form of the dance itself.

Production Team

Director: Joseph Lee
Choreography and Performance: Sam Ng, Michelle Lam
Editing: Shing Lee
Cinematography: Steve Li
Sound Design: Lawrence Lau
Presented by: Unlock Dancing Plaza







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