KT Yau

Yau was born in Hong Kong. She is now the resident choreographer of Unlock Dancing Plaza.

Yau received the Award for Young Artist at the Hong Kong Arts Development Awards 2018, she also received the Emerging Choreographer Award at the Hong Kong Dance Awards 2018.

As a dancer, she has collaborated with a variety of renowned companies and artists. Recently she has devoted herself into creation and her works were invited to perform in Sweden, Japan, Singapore, Shanghai, Guangzhou etc. 

Swim to the Sea

On a hot summer day, a performer swims from the town centre to the river on a tricycle. The choreographer-director attempts to intervene in the everyday lives of local residents via an improvisation, to investigate the traces of the audience’s reactions aroused by an upstaged performance, despite the huge culture gap and language differences. Through the representation of a screen, every moves of the audience became a part of the performance. They participated in it. As days go by, life returns to normal,but will the scenery built by the participants be easily washed away by time?

Production Team

Director and Choreographer: KT Yau
Performer: Cai Ying,Driver of tricycle
Photographer: Ruelo Zendo, Circle Chan, Eric Schlaeflin
Composer: John Carlo Nova
Editing: Lee Wai Shing, Elysa Wendi
Presented by: Unlock Dancing Plaza

*This film was first developed during the Cinemovement Lab V (2019) in Case Sun Miguel, Philippines, the trip to Philippines was supported by City Contemporary Dance Company.




* For the best experience, we recommend watching on a PC or laptop.

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